The dark sparkles, pinky promise. This editorial presents how I have come to SLIW’s unique visual identity. It unveils my inspiration, my creative process, used materials and more. I hope you get enchanted, just like I (still) do.

My main inspiration for The Dark Sparkles are the infinite night skies and galaxy, I remember being fascinated by them ever since I was a little girl. I used to (sometimes still do) lay down on the grass, completely alone, swooning away and feeling enchanted by the beauty of it. I love how sparkly the stars are, and how the darkness surrounds the sparkles creating a big contrast between the light and the dark. I also can’t help but to see darkness and it’s beauty. Therefore, the name ‘’The Dark Sparkles’’ perfectly represents my vision, not only literally but also conceptually.


In Snowwhite Lost In Wonderland’s visual identity, the black represents my dark side, but is entwined with the light visually, by bringing in glitters. To me, glitter symbolises: magic. Think about it, depending on how the light captures a tiny piece of glitter, it suddenly sparkles. It is a bit like magic, is it not?



I create multiple artworks, usually on paper by using black matte acrylic paint (stripes), and embellishing the artwork by hand with silver glitters. If it’s on paper, I scan or photograph the artwork and use Photoshop to enhance the contrast between the silver glitters and paint. Creating a dark and sparkly texture with unique paint stripes and sparkles, representing the stars and galaxy and its true unique darkness and beauty. Currently, I am experimenting and playing around with working physically and digitally. Exploring multiple working methods and interpretations to The Dark Sparkles.


In brief, The Dark Sparkles is inspired by my personal memories and associations. It’s not easy to find your own visual style (took me 6 months actually). But it’s a great to start thinking about who you are (in terms of branding: vision), what you want to represent visually and conceptually, (in terms of branding: look & feel, creative direction) and what materials you find interesting. I always get butterflies in my tummy when I see something interesting. It is quite hard to describe.


I hope to have inspired you. I just might write a piece about how to discover or enhance your own visual style. But for now and to define this editorial, I have got a lovely statement I would love to share with you dreamy darkhearts to end my story about The Dark Sparkles.


Always know,

without darkness, you would never see the stars.


Snowwhite Lost In Wonderland
By Martika Catharina Sophie