If you’re a Tumblr or Instagirl you probably have had a glimpse of a new dark grungy movement among us dark dolls: cemetery & chill (because fuck Netflix & Chill, right?)


For this somewhat conceptual fashion editorial I wanted to do something with this trend. Create something unconventional, contradictory and in a way inventive. To clash utmost light, things we associate to be ‘’happy’’, hence the bright glitter disco ball dress, with something utmost dark: a hauntingly beautiful cemetery. Because the way I see it, the dark truly sparkles.


I’m currently obsessed with wearing almost all black, but with a glimpse of light. This can be galaxy nails, glittery accessories or in this case a disco ball dress. Also, what could possibly be better than to wear glitter as a high light in the darkness? To create a more playful vibe and to unleash my inner girly vibe I wear two ponytails. What I always wear underneath an outfit with a dress is to wear fishnets underneath them to create a grungy vibe. Also, with the romantic appeal of velvet chokers you can never go wrong. To finish the complete outfit, I chose to wore high platform booties. Creating a dark doll look I love (and just really am).


Wanna cemetery and chill?
Also what would your ultimate cemetery and chill outfit embody?
Let me know what you dolls think below.


Snowwhite Lost In Wonderland
By Martika Catharina Sophie


☾ Black velvet lipstick Lime Crime via Dollskill ☾ Velvet choker Regalrose  ☾ Biker jacket ZARA
☾ Dress Shein  ☾ Fishnets by Dollskill ☾ Platform booties vintage ☾

Photography by doll Joy Bomer / Lola Noir